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TACT Netherlands, LLC

TACT Netherlands, LLC represents Dutch companies in the United States. One account is Aerolift Industrials B.V. in the Netherlands.

Ninety degrees shifter for the concrete industrie. This particular machine is designed to demold and shift concrete panels of 60,000 lbs.

Vacuum technique is also very suitable for the piping industry. The machine does not harm the product in any way. Screw-thread at ends of pipes are very vulnerable, contact with a hook might damage the product.

Aerolift Industrials B.V.

Aerolift Industrials B.V. is situated in The Netherlands and was established in the sixties. We have almost 50 years of experience in designing, engineering, devellopping and manufacturing custom made Vacuum Handling Machines for a wide range of industries.

Aerolift Industrials B.V.

Aerolift Industrials B.V. and TACT Netherlands, LLC have delivered two 60,000 lbs machines to a major precast construction company in the State of Washington.

Vacuum handling is safe, easy to use, saves time and money. No damage to the load, whatsoever.

TACT Netherlands, LLC, Forth Worth, TX, USA. (Gerrit van Spengen)